Design Disciplines Basics

Design is a form of art that extends to many areas and disciplines that consists of making a plan on which an object, system or space are based and built upon.

There is no specific definition for design, but it is a concept used not only in art, but in engineering and production as well. While the process usually refers to the artistic features of a subject, the usability is not solely restricted to art and manages to grasp other forms.

There are some general rules that remain the same for several design disciplines. The person that creates a design – or the ‘designer’ – follows the constraints of a space or object in order to achieve a final objective with the client’s or his or her needs in mind. The system which is to benefit from the vision and knowledge of a designer is taken into account with all its properties. A plan is then made to describe the process that will be taken in order to adjust the outline and a series of stages will be completed in a specified order.

In any of the existing design disciplines, a designer may contemplate creating a dress based on the specifications of a client. The needs will have to be heard out as to a final outcome and then a plan has to be put in place. This plan contains everything from buying the fabric to accessorizing the dress in its final stage. A designer makes a sketch of the dress, creates a basic model, then fits it to the human body and verifies how it looks and the improvements needed. Changes are made, corrections and perfections. All until the desired product is achieved for both the designer and a possible client.

The major steps in all design disciplines are included in a pre-production, a production or post-production phase, respectively. The whole process begins with the general goals. After that, analysis, research, specification and problem solving come in. The development stage is followed by thorough testing, and finally implementation, evaluation and a conclusion.

Design disciplines extend to quite a few areas that are very different. The example above concerning the dress belongs to fashion design. Some other design disciplines are:

Graphic design

Includes skills such as visual arts, typography or page layout. It can also include computers in the form of websites or forms of art like wallpapers, logos, themes etc. created using computer software or code.

Industrial design

Brings graphic design as in applied arts together with applied science to create anything from a MP3 player, to a guitar, to a car, which is closely related to designing products.

Service design

Provides ways to visualize people working an communicating to provide various services using various resources at their disposal

Interior design

Brings architecture and art together to make our homes beautiful and comfy.