Speech Therapist

From the definition in various dictionaries it can be deduced that speech therapy is a service of intervention that focuses on the child’s speech. This encompasses the ability to express oneself using a language as well as using the non-verbal cues. In the line of this work, there are professionals namely speech therapists. Sometimes they go by the name speech and language pathologists.

Being the professional they are, a speech and language pathologist identifies the learning disability of the patient in terms of communication and language. It starts with the struggle to read and to express oneself. The results are that written work suffers if the situation is not curtailed early enough. Difficulties in language have been termed as a major contributor to a child’s ability to write. The reason behind this line of thought is because writing entails putting ideas in an organized manner into words. These words join and form sentences.

To draw up a diagnosis however and identify the underlying problem, the speech therapists perform evaluations. This would require him or her to interview the child’s classroom teachers. The sessions of therapy wholly depend on the patient but some of the choices are listed below. Sometimes however the therapists from life speech places one in the one that may be best for the situation that one is in. therefore these include individual therapy while there are other of small groups that have peers that are facing the same problem helping each other.

One of the main ways of communication is the non verbal cues. This is learnt at an early age. There are some children that for one reason or another may not be able to communicate using speech. Going back to the drawing board the non verbal has to be worked on. These are the simple sign languages as well as pictures.

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