Regular Aircon Cleaning and Maintenance

An aircon is a large and complex system that can last for years if it is properly maintained. Routine maintenance is important if you are to enjoy the benefits of your investment.

  •  The Importance of Regular Aircon Maintenance

Some of us do not know that the warranty can be denied if the aircon is not maintained properly. Regular aircon maintenance is needed to ensure your unit is under warranty. Regular maintenance also lowers the chances of a breakdown that could occur when least expected. As you know, a major breakdown takes a lot of time and money to fix. Routine maintenance helps identify and fix any problem in the aircon system and prevent the same from getting worse. It also ensures the system works safely and efficiently.

  • What regular maintenance involves

Regular maintenance of an aircon system involves important procedures such as changing filters and cleaning the aircon condenser unit.

Changing filters prevents obstruction and blockage in the system. A standard filter should be changed every month while an electronic one needs cleaning. Some filters can take as much as 6 months before being replaced.

Another component that requires regular attention is the condenser unit. Since this unit is exposed to a lot of dust and debris, it must be cleaned on a regular basis. Failure to clean the condenser unit can have a huge toll on the efficiency of the aircon system.

The other components that must be checked during a routine maintenance exercise include the motors, the drain lines and the evaporator coil. These must be clean and free of any contaminants for the aircon system to function well. Water leaks for instance occur when the drain lines are clogged by dirt and other contaminants.

  • Hire Professionals for the Work

Regular maintenance of the system should be performed by a qualified and experienced professional. This is because the aircon system is very complex in nature. An expert technician will check the aircon system, and fix any issues without introducing any new problem.